H.D. Benjaminstraat 46, Paramaribo, SURINAME
(+597) 497073 OR (+597) 8600347 OR (+31) 637718770
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You can pay for your online booking with MasterCard, Visa, and Wire Transfer

Most of our bookings are prepaid, and your credit card is pre – authorized for the full amount immediately at the time of booking. Please make sure you have sufficient daily spending limits so your account will not be blocked. Call the bank ahead of time if you’re making a large payment. For cancellation policies and refunds please check our terms & conditions.

Payment at check-in is possible with creditcard. For safety reasons we do not prefer cash payment. Your room cannot be confirmed if pre authorization on your creditcard has not taken place beforehand.
3. WIRE TRANSFER (contact us for currency details):
– For local transactions
Bankname:  De Surinaamsche Bank  (DSB) tel. (+597) 471100
Payee Name: Elementz
Payee address: H.D. Benjaminstraat 46, Paramaribo
– For international  transactions in Euros:
Bankname: ABNAMRO
Payee Address: Netherlands
 Contact us for further details:

NOTE:  We are not at all responsible for  the extra bankcharges for (abroad) moneytransfer. Contact your bank for further information regarding extra costs.
After you’ve made the money transfer, please send us a copy of the transfer record by email. You will receive a confirmation note once received. Please take a copy with you as your check-in note.
 What do I need to bring to the hotel to check in?
It’s always a good idea to take a copy of your booking confirmation, though your booking number along with your passport will allow you to get checked in successfully. You can print out a copy of your itinerary from your bookings page or your confirmation e-mail.

Most reservations are prepaid or a pre-authorization on the credit card has taken place, at the time of booking; however, you will need cash or a credit card at check-in and for any incidental expenses, like breakfast and transportation, that you incur during your stay.